Family Worship Experience

A Doorpost Songs Family Worship Experience is the perfect multi-generational worship event for your church! Featuring music, drama, games, fun, and worship, a Family Worship Experience will bring your church and your families together in brand new ways.

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God's Word

Experience powerful, heartfelt worship centered entirely on Scripture. Every song is based on a Bible passage - a treasured truth to hide in your heart, a firm foundation on which to build your life.

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Great Music

Experience songs that are memorable, singable, and easy to learn, and find out why our children’s minister friend Julie calls Doorpost Songs “the highest quality worship music for kids and families that I’ve seen in all my years in ministry.”

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Simple and Easy

Experience a fun, easy to plan family worship event. Use our script and template or customize it to fit the needs of your church. A Doorpost Songs Family Worship Experience works for every church, large or small.

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Flexible Resources

Experience a full set of high quality resources - choral books and chord charts, lyric videos and hand motion tutorials, split tracks and instrumental accompaniment, and even multitrack stems and Finale files. Get what you need. Not what you don’t.

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Family Fun

Experience the joy of bringing generations together for music, drama, games, and worship. Find out why our friend Jenice says, “I’ve never seen kids respond to music like they do your music.”

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