Sample Lesson

Scroll down to walk through a sample lesson and see all the great included resources!

Lesson Plan

Start with a detailed lesson plan that includes a clear road map, fun activities and a teaching script with directions for your media team.
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Advent Passport

Kids will get their printable Advent Passport stamped every week.
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Interactive Games

Start your program with one of five fun, lesson-themed games from 12:30 Kids.

Heartfelt Worship

Each lesson is based on a theme song from Doorpost Songs. Five songs are included with lyric videos, hand motions, and tutorials.

Lesson Setup

Begin each teaching time with a lesson setup video from Dave and Jess.

Bible Story

Each teaching script includes an engaging animated Bible story video.

Lesson Wrap Up

Conclude each teaching time with a wrap up video from Dave and Jess before small group time.

Incredible Resources

There's so much more! Social media graphics. Countdown video. Sticker and postcard designs. Motion backgrounds. Take home activity sheets. Series bumpers. Everything you need and more.

Christmas Plans

5 lessons full of foundational Scriptural truth, fun and formative games, fantastic worship songs, and a full set of incredible media resources. Get Christmas plans checked off your list today!
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