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Sure! We love to create Family Worship Events, lead Sunday services, or participate in other events on your calendar. Tell us all about it on the contact page.
Doorpost Songs is a series of family worship resources. It begins with great music based entirely on scripture that parents and kids BOTH love. Then we create resources to help churches use the songs in their contexts and help families have moments of worship and discipleship at home. Find out more.
For most songs we have chord charts, lead sheets, piano-vocals, multitracks and instrumental tracks. We also have lesson plans, graphic elements, and Family Worship Kits.
Search for resources by song on our Resource page.
Resource Packs are designed to give you a boatload of helpful resources from a Doorpost Songs albums at a great discount. Music Packs include chord charts, sheet music, instrumental tracks and Finale files. Lesson Plan Packs include lesson plans, audio, and presentation files. Graphics/T-Shirt Packs include a t-shirt design and graphics elements. Multitracks Packs include all original stems in mp3 and wav format.

EVERYTHING Packs are also available, and include all resources from a Doorpost Songs album at an even better discount. View all our Resource Packs.

All our resources are delivered digitally, via your My Account page. Check out the Downloads tab.
To apply for tax exempt status, fill out our Tax Exemption Application. You will need to upload a copy of your tax exempt certificate and certify that your credit card has the name of your organization on the front. If you have already made a purchase, we are happy to refund your sales tax after receiving these items. After you receive tax exempt status, all future purchases will be automatically tax exempt. Tax exempt status is granted individually. Each individual customer from an organization must apply for tax exempt status separately.
Sheet music for most songs includes two keys. If you’re looking for a key that is not included, try purchasing a Finale file. If that’s not available, contact us.
If you purchased resources or a subscription using church funds, those resources/subscriptions stay with your previous church. Please transfer your account by changing your account details to another member of your former church staff. (And be honest. We might not find out…but God knows.)

If you purchased resources or a subscription using personal funds, those resources/subscriptions can follow you to a new church.

If you have a free family subscription through your church, your subscription will be free as long as your original church maintains its subscription.

Family Worship

Each Doorpost Songs album has an accompanying Family Worship Kit that includes a family worship guide, custom-designed memory verse cards for each song on the album, and short family devotional for each song. Find out more.
We have two subscription options:

Churches can subscribe and give EVERY family in their church access to EVERY Doorpost Songs album and EVERY Family Worship Kit. Find out more.

Families can subscribe and gain access to EVERY Doorpost Songs album and EVERY Family Worship Kit, plus all future albums and kits. Find out more.

We’re creating family worship resources as often as our time and resources allow. (Remember, it’s just us over here, so that means we create pretty much everything in house.) We release at least one Doorpost Songs album each year, and hope to augment existing Family Worship Kits with additional material along the way.
Schedule a demo on our Family Worship Subscriptions page and we’ll walk you through everything!
You’ll find your downloadable files on your My Account page under Downloads.
Make sure you’re signed in, then visit doorpostsongs.com/worship or follow the link on your My Account page.
If you have a free family subscription through your church, you can share it with as many people as you’d like. Seriously, go for it!
When a church cancels a subscription we give every family subscriber an opportunity to sign up for an individual family subscription with the first six months FREE.
Visit your My Account page and look under the Subscriptions tab. (But seriously, do you really want to cancel? I thought we had a good thing going, here.)
We cannot issue refunds on subscription payments. But if you cancel in the middle of a subscription period (either monthly or yearly) we will keep your subscription active until the end of the period.