“Doorpost Songs is the highest quality music for kids and families that I’ve seen in all my years in children’s ministry.” 

Julie CrockerChildren’s Director, The Woodlands United Methodist Church 

“The Doorpost Songs have permanently engraved scripture in the hearts and minds of our kids.”

Kimberly Anderson, mom of three

“I love the ministry of Dave and Jess Ray and Doorpost Songs! I’ve watched this team grow over the last decade – in their passion, their calling, artistry, and spiritual focus. Their laser beam pursuit of God’s glory expressed by the next generation is an inspiration!”

Mike Harland, Director, Lifeway Worship Resources

“I simply love Dave & Jess Ray’s music and all of the amazing resources they provide for families and churches. We are so excited to introduce our church family to Doorpost Songs!

Kasey FaganMinister of Preschool Education, Tallowood Baptist Church 

“Doorpost Songs have directly impacted my family and my church as we have all benefited from singing and learning Scripture through this incredibly well-written material.”

Jeremy Good, Worship Pastor, Cornerstone Community Bible Church

“My kids love to listen to the Doorpost Songs! I sing the songs to them as blessings and lullabies before bed at night. I also use them as a part of my music curriculum at school. Every semester the entire preschool and elementary levels learn one song to hide in our hearts.”

Alicia Music, Music Teachermom of two

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What Are Doorpost Songs?

Great Music

Great music for kids and families is tough to find! (But we’re guessing you already know that.) That’s why we created Doorpost Songs. Just one listen will tell you that these songs are different. They’re written in kids’ vocal ranges so that kids can sing them and created with a high production value and depth of musicality. You’re kids are going to love them – and you are too!

God’s Word

Music is an incredible tool for writing the truths of scripture on our heart. Each Doorpost Song is based entirely on a passage of scripture, and we present as much of the passage word for word as we can. Hearing our kids sing God’s Word has been an incredible blessing, and we love that these songs help us immerse the everyday life of our family in scripture.

Family Worship

From the very beginning we’ve wanted to create something more than just music. Our passion is help parents create moments of worship and discipleship at home. This is a big challenge for all families – including our own – but the size of the challenge only reminds us how significant the impact could be if our families worshipped together.

Watch and Listen

Unto Us

Isaiah 9:2,6-7 | from the album: Doorpost Songs: Unto Us

Ends of the Earth

Micah 5:2-5 | from the album: Doorpost Songs: Unto Us

Strong and Courageous

Joshua 1:7-9 | from the album: Doorpost Songs: This Is Love


Psalm 139:7-16 | from the album: Doorpost Songs: This Is Love


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