Launch Resources

Launch Resources

How to launch your Doorpost Songs Church Subscription.

Simple Steps to an Effective Launch.

Step 1

Pick a Sunday

Pick a Sunday to tell all of your families about these incredible FREE family worship resources. Plan far enough in advance that you can use the resources below to create some great graphics and print pieces. We would suggest keeping this in front of your church for four consecutive weeks so that everyone gets a chance to hear about it.

Tip: Use multiple forms of communication to effectively cover all of your people: email, text, slides, print pieces, and verbal announcements.

Step 2

Download Resources

We’ve got a bunch of great resources to help you with your launch. Download everything you need below!

Step 3

Upload Your Email List

Upload your email list as an Excel file using the form below and we’ll send a nicely formatted invitation email to your church members. (You can download our template if needed.) We strongly encourage you to also send a personal email to your church members, since our email may get caught in spam filters. You can find an example here.

  • Accepted file types: xlsx, xls.
    Upload your email list in an Excel spreadsheet here.

Tip: Send a personal email invitation to visiting families each week. It’s a great “thank you” gift, and may impact their family even if they attend church elsewhere.